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My life as an only parent...

Ten months ago my husband died and so I write a lot about the grieving process. On the day he died I was forced to begin life as a widow. And my children were forced to begin life without a living father. And many of my posts involve those two new roles; that of a widow and that of fatherless children. But on February 14th, I also became an only parent and that is what this blog post is about.

Many people have commented to me how great of a job I am doing raising my children on my own. I homeschool them. On the weekends we go to the zoo, museums or park. We have game nights. I let them cuddle next to me in bed at night when I would prefer to have the bed to myself. We bake cookies and watch movies. Their clothes match when we leave the house. I don't forget to feed them. They typically have a smile on their face.

I don't know if I make being an only parent seem easy. I don't know if the pictures I post on social media make it seem as though the transition from co-parent …

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