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Mommy, when are you going to get remarried?

I am never shocked by what comes out of my 5 year old little daughter's mouth. She has seen my grey hair and asked if I was 100. She has seen my stomach and asked if I was pregnant. She has declared that she is going to marry someone younger than her and while on the way to a baby shower, asked me if the couple was having a boy because she is looking for her potential spouse.

Hannah doesn't hold back her feelings. If she doesn't say what she is feeling, her facial expressions give her thoughts away. And I love this about my little girl. She has asked questions since her dad has died, that many probably are thinking but are afraid to ask. She has asked me if God didn't hear our prayers? She has asked me why God didn't heal her dad? She has asked a lot of why questions that I don't have the answers to, but I am thankful that she isn't afraid to ask those tough questions.

But the question that she asks quite often that usually leaves me at a loss for words i…

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