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So we went to the zoo

Weekends are generally my cleaning days. Since I work, Saturdays are spent vacuuming, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, washing dishes, mopping floors, picking up toys etc. This past Saturday I asked Malachi what he wanted for breakfast, knowing he was going to say “pancakes” and because I do not have any microwavable pancakes (note to self, put those on the grocery list), I had to make the pancakes from scratch, which meant there was going to be even more mess for me to clean up. After eating, I asked him what he wanted to do and rather than saying “watch tv” or “play with my toys” he stated he wanted to go to the zoo. So I was faced with a decision. Do I leave the house the way it was (messy) to go the zoo or do I tell my son we will go later (translation: not today) so that I could clean the house?
(waiting for pancakes) We are faced with that decision every day. Whether we are stay at home parents or work outside the house parents, the list of chores seems never ending. The l…