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Do you trust me?

That is a question I believe God asks all of us on a daily basis. Do you trust me to fix your marriage? Do you trust me to open the doors for a job? Do you trust me to give you a child? Do you trust me to fulfill the promises you were given? Do you trust me?

It is a question that truly requires us to be honest within ourselves and if we are honest, our actions typically reflect that we do not completely trust God. When we doubt, we are not completely trusting in Him. In addition, when we fear, worry, get frustrated, etc we also don't completely trust.

And so God takes the questions one step further. He asks: Do you trust My will for your life? Do you trust My way for your life? Do you trust My timetable for your life?  And the really hard question do you trust me even when it doesn't happen the way you want it to?

Do you trust God when He tells you to move and you want to stay? Do you trust God when others around you get promotions yet you remain in the same position? Do you tr…

When we are still

Yesterday the ride to church was typical. Not even down the street from the house and the cute adorable voices repeatedly called “mommy.”
“mommy, what sound do dogs make?”
“mommy, is the sun sleeping?”
“mommy, why are those trees green?”
“mommy, can I have water?”
“mommy, did you bring my toys?” (Constantly saying "Mommy"
Well those weren’t exactly the questions that were asked by I am pretty sure for the entire 20 minutes it took us to get to church, my name was called at least 50 times.
We get to church at 9 in the morning because my husband plays the bass guitar and he has practice. So for the 30 minutes that he practices, my children also demand my attention. We walk to the water faucet a few times, the bathroom a couple times and around the sanctuary to burn off energy. At least a few times, I have to usher the littlest one out towards the foyer because she is talking (well screaming) a little too loud. And then during worship, my children test the width of my lap by both of t…

Take me back

Early in the morning I arose. There was something burning inside of me and I could not contain it. I got down on my knees and I began to pray. I began to worship the God that I serve. I began to call Him Holy and Wonderful. Tears streamed down my face in admiration. It was 2005 and I was in a hotel room in Ethiopia. I traveled to a country thinking that somehow I would minister and serve the people there, yet in reality they ministered so greatly to me.
When I was single, I was blessed to be able to go on many short term mission trips. My first one was when I went to the Dominican Republic. I didn’t even understand Spanish but I was forever changed by that trip. A desire was birthed inside of me to go the mission field. I have no idea who God will ever open those doors or if that was just a desire for that season of my life. I witnessed people who lived in poverty but who gave their all to God. Materially, they had nothing, but spiritually they were so blessed.
The following year I wa…