Do you trust me?

That is a question I believe God asks all of us on a daily basis. Do you trust me to fix your marriage? Do you trust me to open the doors for a job? Do you trust me to give you a child? Do you trust me to fulfill the promises you were given? Do you trust me?

It is a question that truly requires us to be honest within ourselves and if we are honest, our actions typically reflect that we do not completely trust God. When we doubt, we are not completely trusting in Him. In addition, when we fear, worry, get frustrated, etc we also don't completely trust.

And so God takes the questions one step further. He asks: Do you trust My will for your life? Do you trust My way for your life? Do you trust My timetable for your life?  And the really hard question do you trust me even when it doesn't happen the way you want it to?

Do you trust God when He tells you to move and you want to stay? Do you trust God when others around you get promotions yet you remain in the same position? Do you trust God when the doors you thought were going to open, stay closed? Do you trust God when things seem to be falling apart rather than coming together? Do you trust Him?

 This is a question that I have been hearing God ask me. We have somewhat grown out of our home. And I have discovered I am not a fan or open concept (i.e., toys everywhere) nor am I fan of two story homes. Although we don't plan on putting up our home for sale until next summer, at the earliest, two of my neighbors, who have the same floor plan as us, just recently put their homes up for sale. And so many thoughts began to go through my mind. What if their homes don't sell? What if their homes are still for sale, when we want to sell? What if they have to decrease their price? Yet as those thoughts went through my head, I could hear God, "Do you trust me?"

Years ago, when I was still single, I decided to move my bedroom around. I was going to school at the time so my room was filled with bookshelves, a desk, a dresser and a bed. To move my bedroom, I placed everything in the hallway so that I could completely re-arrange it. To the outside eye, it appeared to be chaotic and a mess, yet I knew exactly what I was doing, because I knew where the furniture would end up. The same is true for our own life. God knows the final piece of the puzzle. He knows how the story is going to end. He knows how the chapter is going to turn out. It may seem like your life is a bunch of furniture in the hallway right now, but God knows where He is going to place everything. And so we need to trust in Him.

When nothing makes sense to us, we trust Him. When life is falling apart in our eyes, we trust Him. When doors open that we never wanted open, we trust Him. When the diagnosis is bleak, we trust Him. When children are rebelling, we trust Him. When our marriage seems to be crumbling, we trust Him. When the number in the bank account is only one digit, we trust Him.

We trust Him, because He is God. The Bible tells us that He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Don't you think the God who parted the Red Sea, multiplied the fish and the loaves, walked on water, healed the sick, raised the dead can work on your situation? He is capable of doing anything. There is nothing too hard for Him. Not only that, but His love for us is so great.

As I end this post, on Saturday Malachi was standing on our bed. Hannah was on the floor and she began saying "jump Malachi, jump Malachi!" Malachi is a little wiser at his 4 years of age, than Hannah is at 2. He knew the consequences (getting in trouble) of jumping off the bed. But Hannah illustrated the trust she had that if Malachi jumped either myself of my husband would catch him.  That is the trust we need to have in God. If He says, "Jump" we need to trust the He will catch up. God will never let us fall. He is always there.

And He is asking the question "Do you trust me?"