When we are still

Yesterday the ride to church was typical. Not even down the street from the house and the cute adorable voices repeatedly called “mommy.”

“mommy, what sound do dogs make?”

“mommy, is the sun sleeping?”

“mommy, why are those trees green?”

“mommy, can I have water?”

“mommy, did you bring my toys?”
(Constantly saying "Mommy"

Well those weren’t exactly the questions that were asked by I am pretty sure for the entire 20 minutes it took us to get to church, my name was called at least 50 times.

We get to church at 9 in the morning because my husband plays the bass guitar and he has practice. So for the 30 minutes that he practices, my children also demand my attention. We walk to the water faucet a few times, the bathroom a couple times and around the sanctuary to burn off energy. At least a few times, I have to usher the littlest one out towards the foyer because she is talking (well screaming) a little too loud. And then during worship, my children test the width of my lap by both of them attempting to sit on me.

These are the moments I cherish, but from the time my son walks into the room to wake me up in the morning my attention is devoted to them. My amazing husband (he is) works on Saturdays so there are times I feel pulled in so many directions. The weekly laundry needs to get done, the carpet vacuumed, the bathrooms cleaned. In addition, my children need me…and all of me. They need my focus and my attention.
(my children NEED my attention)

And so my days are filled with noise. I have made it a purpose to make spending time with God in prayer a priority. This is difficult at times. There are ALWAYS toys to pick up. There are ALWAYS dishes that need to be washed. There are ALWAYS clothes that need to be washed and put away. There is ALWAYS dinner that needs to be made. There is ALWAYS two children and a husband that DESERVE my attention. Even when I go to sleep there is ALWAYS noise. I am constantly thinking of the things that need to get done.

Yet I have discovered that if I am always living in noise I live a physically drained and emotionally depleted life. I need stillness. The Bible tells us “Be Still and know that I am God.” And while there might be a different context that the scripture was written, I believe it is so important that I am STILL. I need to daily make it a point to find time to be STILL and rest in the presence of God.

Last night I sat on the couch downstairs and I looked at the toys scattered throughout the house. My children were sleeping, my husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to have a date after church and I allowed myself be STILL in the presence of God. I allowed myself to not care that the toys were on the floor, and that there was a basket of laundry upstairs. I just sat and meditated on the goodness of God.

I encourage you to allow yourself to be STILL on a daily basis. I encourage you to drown out the noise of a marriage that is crumbling. Drown out the noise of a pregnancy that is not coming to pass. Drown out the noise of another year that you are single. Drown out the noise of the financial troubles. Drown out the noise of the worry that is trying to consume you. Drown out the noise of the job situation. Drown out the noise of the bleak diagnosis. Drown out the noise of your messy house. Drown out the noise…..

And just be STILL. Because it is when we are STILL that we are able to rest in God’s peace. When we are STILL we are able to hear God speak to our life and in our life. When we are STILL we are able to hear Him gain the victory over our situation. When we are STILL we are able to gain strength for the mountain in front of us. When we are STILL we able to gain comfort.


When we are STILL....