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Just a shy girl

I have always been the “quiet one.” That is how I would characterize myself. I definitely am not the life of a party. I probably would feel more comfortable skipping the party. I am not one to talk randomly to strangers. When I was in graduate school, my grade for the class depended on me talking. I would say three things each class and then be done for the rest of the evening. I am not a social butterfly.

My desire though has always been that God would use me. I can still picture myself as an 18 year old sitting in the second row in my church in Modesto praying that God would use me. I had no idea how He would use me or in what capacity that He would use me, but that was my sincere prayer.
But I was just a shy girl. I don’t stand out in a crowd. I don’t have a massive amount of talent or ability. I probably wouldn’t be picked first for a team. But in my prayers, I would tell God that I would be available to Him. My prayer was that in any way He could use me, I wanted to be used by God…