Just a shy girl

I have always been the “quiet one.” That is how I would characterize myself. I definitely am not the life of a party. I probably would feel more comfortable skipping the party. I am not one to talk randomly to strangers. When I was in graduate school, my grade for the class depended on me talking. I would say three things each class and then be done for the rest of the evening. I am not a social butterfly.

My desire though has always been that God would use me. I can still picture myself as an 18 year old sitting in the second row in my church in Modesto praying that God would use me. I had no idea how He would use me or in what capacity that He would use me, but that was my sincere prayer.

 But I was just a shy girl. I don’t stand out in a crowd. I don’t have a massive amount of talent or ability. I probably wouldn’t be picked first for a team. But in my prayers, I would tell God that I would be available to Him. My prayer was that in any way He could use me, I wanted to be used by God.

I prayed like Isaiah, “Here am I Lord, send me.” I didn’t know how God would use me. I didn’t know what doors He would open. I didn’t know what direction He would send me, but my prayer was that I would go in the direction He sent me.

Everyone has a “I am just a shy girl” moment. Maybe you literally are not shy, as I am, but there is something that you think hinders God from using you. Maybe it is a past, maybe it is your family background, maybe it is your age, maybe it is your gender, whatever it is you pray “God use me” but there is a little bit (or maybe a lot) within you that doesn’t think that God will actually do it.

The Bible is full of people who were also “just a shy girl.” Esther was an orphan. David was the youngest. Moses didn’t have confidence. Ruth wasn’t Jewish. Deborah was a female. Jeremiah was a teenager. Sarah and Elizabeth were old. Yet these were all individuals who made themselves available to God and He used them greatly. Those who sincerely desire to be used by God do not seek out the platform, they don’t seek after applause, and they don’t seek after recognition. They seek after God.

God often calls people to do things they wouldn’t naturally choose for themselves. He told Jeremiah “But the LORD said to me, "Do not say, 'I am too young.' You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.”  Jeremiah thought he was too young, but even before he was in his mother’s womb, God knew exactly what He was going to have Jeremiah do. The same is true for each of us. Even before we were known to our parents, God knew the plan and the purpose He had for us.

If God calls us to do something, He is going to give us the capability to complete it. We need to walk in confidence. God called Moses, yet Moses doubted. He said what many of us say “But God..” We pray that God would use us, but then when He calls us to do something we say “But God…” There have been many times I have done that.

“God you want me to pray with that person…But God I am shy…”

“God you want me to speak….But God I am shy…”
“God you want me to send that person an encouraging letter…But God I am shy…”

“God you want me to go to another country on a short term mission trip….But God I am shy…”

But God I am shy….”

Yet God is working on me.

“You have prayed that I use you. You have told me that you are available to me. I have called you. I am pointing you in directions that you may not have chosen yourself, but it is I who is working through you.”

He told Jeremiah, “Do not say that I am just a youth.” He is saying that to us as well

“Do not say that you are just a shy girl.”

“Do not say that you have a past.”

“Do not say that you are too young.”

“Do not say that you are too old.”

“Do not say that you have no connections.”
He uses those who make themselves available to Him. Today I am going to start walking in confidence that whatever God has called me to do, He will give me the ability to complete. I am no longer going to say "I am just a shy girl."