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Trust me....

Do you trust me?
It is not enough to trust me yesterday, you need to trust me today.
It is not enough to trust me with some of your situations you need to trust me with all of your situations.
It is not enough to trust with me concerning some aspects of your life, you need to trust me with all of your life.
Do you trust me if I call you to walk left, even if everyone else is going right?
Do you trust me if all you see are mountains in front of you?
Do you trust me if the situation looks impossible?
Do you trust me?
Do you believe that I will never leave you nor will I ever forsake you?
Do you believe I will be with you the entire way?
Do you believe that I have the ability to open doors and close doors?

Do you believe that I am capable of making a way out of no way?

Do you believe that I love you?
Do you believe that I will not allow harm to come your way?
The road I have chosen you to walk is different than the road others will walk. There will be times that the mountains in front of you seem so h…

In Prayer....

This morning when Hannah woke up she ran into the loft and sat down on my lap and cuddled. She didn't speak. She didn't play. She just cuddled. She allowed me to embrace her and I truly believe she could feel the massive amount of love I have for her. In the evening when we all pile into the bed (yes we still sleep with our kids), Hannah moves as close as possible to me and rests on me. That is what God wants us to do with Him.

Hannah cuddling with daddy at the hospital
The calendar in my office has a scene of a mountain and I can't help but feel as though that is what the past few weeks have been like for us. A mountainous journey. Yet in the midst of everything, I have had such a peace. I can honestly say that there have been times in the past when I have had to go through hard times, my trust had not always been on God. I had a miscarriage 4 years ago, and I was mad at God. I could not understand why He would enable me to get pregnant just to rip the baby away from me. T…

You are still God

You are still God!

Those are the words my husband said as he prayed in the car before his doctor appointment last Friday. It is hard to believe that only a little more than two weeks have passed since we got the news "cancer."

You are still God!

No matter the diagnosis, we proclaimed, "you are still God!"
No matter the situation, we proclaimed, "you are still God!"
No matter the pain, we proclaimed, "you are still God!"

The news stung. The pain hurt. Our life as we knew it changed, but "you are still God!"

I say that our life as we knew it changed, but what Satan thought would destroy us, God was using it to elevate us into a deeper relationship with Him.

You are still God!

Our praise only got louder!
Our worship only got stronger!
Our dedication only grew!

You are still God!

The mountain was so high. But never did we think it was impossible! The valley was so deep. But never did we think it was impossible. The road so dry, but never did …

This ride just got bumpy

I am sitting in my office trying to get some work done and I think how the last time I sat here was right before Christmas vacation. It is crazy to think how your life can be transformed so quickly. Three weeks ago, I was busy thinking about our planned vacation, working on a budget to put more in savings and possibly selling our house this upcoming year. I definitely wasn’t thinking that we would spend the beginning portion of 2015 in a hospital room. And so as I sit in my office grading, responding to emails, looking at our health insurance and praying that my job allows me to have some sort of flexible hours I can’t help but think of our plane ride home yesterday.
I hate flying. There was a point in my life where I was on a plane twice a month and even though I did it often, I absolutely hated it. I hate taking off. I hate landing. And I definitely hate the turbulence. And even though I know the pilot is trained with thousands of miles of experience it is hard sometimes to just sit …