In Prayer....

This morning when Hannah woke up she ran into the loft and sat down on my lap and cuddled. She didn't speak. She didn't play. She just cuddled. She allowed me to embrace her and I truly believe she could feel the massive amount of love I have for her. In the evening when we all pile into the bed (yes we still sleep with our kids), Hannah moves as close as possible to me and rests on me. That is what God wants us to do with Him.

 Hannah cuddling with daddy at the hospital

The calendar in my office has a scene of a mountain and I can't help but feel as though that is what the past few weeks have been like for us. A mountainous journey. Yet in the midst of everything, I have had such a peace. I can honestly say that there have been times in the past when I have had to go through hard times, my trust had not always been on God. I had a miscarriage 4 years ago, and I was mad at God. I could not understand why He would enable me to get pregnant just to rip the baby away from me. That road to healing was hard. When my husband and I first got married, he was laid off a couple of months after the wedding. The first couple years of our marriage, financially it was really tough. I would ask God "Why?" That was a tough journey.  I say that because God has worked on me and in me the last few years. And during this difficult time when we heard words like "cancer," "rare," "complicated," "hospitalization," and "chemotherapy" our trust was rooted in God. There was a peace that only God could give.

Yet this morning, fear began to creep in. And so I came to God this morning with all of my fears. I am learning that God doesn't expect us (or want us) to try and figure everything out on our own. And so I came to Him, like my children come to me and I let His love embrace me.

 such a precious picture. I can't help but think of when we go to God, how His love embraces us

And verses began popping up in my head and God began to speak to me. And He began to take away all of my fears. All of my worries began to disappear. All of my concerns began to fade away. And his love embraced me. His arms surrounded me. His comfort engulfed me. There is power in prayer. Perspectives change. Situations change. Mountains begin to crumble. The earth begins to move. And God speaks to us in prayer. And fear is removed....

I love this picture. It must have been something with the sun, but the outline around my husband and myself, just makes me think of how even though we may not see it, God's hand is upon us and sheltering us every day.

Prayer is important. Cultivating a relationship with God is so important. Seeking God daily is important. When we pray God takes our hand and He draws us closer to Him. When I was single, I used to open the church every morning for prayer. I loved my quiet time with the Lord. Then I had two children....As a working mother to young children I feel as though my time is stretched thin. It seems as though exhaustion is a constant in my life. But prayer is so important. It is so easy to say "I could not find time to pray today." Or "I was too exhausted in the evening to pray." But I am learning, that I can't do that. Prayer should not be looked as a chore. It shouldn't be looked at as "here is another thing I have to do." Yet we should long for that intimate time with God.

We need to learn how to go to God daily in prayer. In prayer God changes situations. But in prayer, God also changes us. In prayer, our trust in Him grows. In prayer, our understanding of Him grows. In prayer, our confidence in Him grows. In prayer, the peace grows. In prayer, our walk with Him strengthens. In prayer, our commitment to Him grows. In prayer, He speaks to us. In prayer, His love embraces us. In prayer, His strength upholds us. In prayer, His shield protects us. In prayer....

There is so much that happens as a result of prayer. And so I came to God this morning with my fears. But as I got up from the couch after praying, the fears were removed. My walk with God means everything to me. My time spent with Him in prayer is so precious. He is God!