A fork in the road

 I posted this blog post in September of 2007. I came across it this evening and thought it was appropriate to post.

We are standing at a fork in the road. There are two roads that we can take; two ways we can possibly go. One road is the road of name-brand Christians. Christians who think the car they drive defines them, the clothes they wear make them, the platform they sit on, describes them. Christians who worry only about title, position, and power. Christians who don’t seek after God, but who seek after what they can get. Christians who please man, but not God. Name-brand Christians stand on the pulpit and act holy, they hold a microphone and act sincere, they sit in the pews and play the part.

Name-brand Christians are not genuine, they are not real, they are fake.
The second road we can take is the road to purity. A road filled with no games, no facades, no masks. A road with Christians who will pray. Christians who will read the Word. Christians who won’t be consumed with titles, positions, acclamations.  A road filled with Christians who don’t seek after prestige, but who seek after God. Christians who don’t seek after applause, but who seek after God. Christians who recognize that it is God that matters the most. Christians who want to make a difference for the Lord. Christians who ask God ‘what can I do for you; not what can you do for me?’ Christians who have a burden for this generation. Christians who sob over the lost. Christians who want to please God.

My heart breaks because I don’t know what road we are taking. I don’t know where we are going. I don’t know what our future holds. This generation can make a difference. This generation can make a change. This generation can do mighty things. But the road we need to take is the road to purity.

If we take the Name-brand road, then the titles we have, the positions we hold, the platform that we have are not sincere; it is not real. If we take the Name-brand road we might be pleasing man, but we are so displeasing to God. If we take the Name-brand road we are fooling only ourselves. If we take the Name-brand road we are not doing anything. We might have the power, we might have the prestige, we might have the applause, we might have the clothes, the car, the positions, but we don’t have God.

But if we take the purity road, we have so much. We have God, and that is what matters the most. We have it all. Let us restore the purity of the church. Let us restore prayer. Let us restore the Word. Let us begin the renovation, the restoration, let us have a makeover within the church. Let us put a stop to the games that are being played, the politics that have defined us, and the sin that has consumed us. Change lies in our hands, and so it is up to us. What road are we going to take?


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