I am available to you

There are many “wonders” of the world that people travel just to see. The pyramids and the Statue of Liberty are examples that I think of. While people marvel at the beauty of what they are seeing, I can’t help but think of the sweat and pain that went into building those things. Too often we can focus on the end result, and not realize the hard work that went into the creation. The same is true when we read stories from the Bible. We think of David as king, Joseph as saving the people during the drought, Moses as delivering the people out of the hands of Pharaoh. The road they took though was a difficult one. The road they took involved pain, loneliness, sorrow and tears. It is so easy to see the end result and not think of what it took to get there.

In our own life, we often think of the promise but we don’t want to endure the ride. The Sunday before my husband and I went to California, I remember praying “God I am available to you.” I know God has a promise and a calling for my life, but there have been times that I have resisted the journey. I have resisted the pain. I have resisted the road that leads to the promise. But the Sunday before our family vacation, my prayer was “God I am available to you.” I am available even if it means I will cry. I am available even if it means there will be times of loneliness. I am available even if it means the road might be difficult. I am available to you.

I had no idea as I was praying those words that my husband had a mass in his chest. I had no idea as I prayed those words that his body was full of cancer. I had no idea that just 2 weeks later we would be sitting in a hospital awaiting the results of a biopsy. But during that difficult time, I never took back those words. I still declared and proclaimed “I am available to you God.” I still proclaimed “Whatever road you have us take, I am available to you.” I still declared “No matter how difficult this journey, I am still available to you.”

The road we may take is not always easy, but God is there. David was anointed king. Many years passed, but he still proclaimed “I am available to you.” And during those difficult times, God was drawing David closer to him. David was developing a relationship with God. Joseph was given a dream. Many years passed before the dream came to pass, but he still proclaimed “I am available to you.” And during those difficult times, God was drawing Joseph closer to him. Esther wasn’t necessarily given a specific word or a specific promise but she trusted in God when she was married to the king. And during those times that must have been difficult, God was drawing Esther closer to him.

While we were in the hospital, we had no idea how the story would end, but we knew and trusted in the author. And my prayer today is still “I am available to you.” I want to be like Isaiah who said “Here am I send me.” I know the road may at times be difficult. I know the journey may be incredibly hard. I know there might be obstacles that we have to overcome, but I am available to God. I want to be a vessel He can use. I want to be sensitive to His voice.

David was on the run for his life but he never turned away from serving God. Elizabeth was barren into her old age, but she never turned her back on God. Esther was married to a heathen king, but she never walked away from God. Isaac was 40 and single, but he continued to trust God. They all made themselves available to God.

The road God has us take will not always be easy, but we can be assured that God will be with us every step of the way. In addition, when we make ourselves available to Him, he can use our tears and our pain as a testimony and example and encouragement for others. We can strength through David’s walk with God because we see that in difficult times, David held on to the promise. We gain strength through Joseph’s story because we see that he never turned away from God even when he was sold into slavery and forced into prison. We can strength through the story of Esther, because we see that Esther never turned her back on God even when she was placed in a situation that was not her choosing. And we see what God did through them when they made themselves available to Him.

And so today my prayer is the same “I am available to you God. If no one else volunteers, I will volunteer God. I will go down the road  you have called me to go because I know even if it gets difficult, you are right beside me.” I am willing to endure the journey, because I know the end result will be great. All of the promises ever declared upon my life will come to pass, I just have to be willing to go down the road to get there. I encourage you to make yourself available to God as well. I encourage you not to get discouraged and don't give up when the road gets bumpy. God has not left you. He is right beside you.