I have not forgotten you

  • I can hear God whispering to Joseph while he was thrown into the pit "I have not forgotten you."
  • I can hear Him continue to tell Joseph while he was in prison "I have not forgotten you."
  • I can imagine God reaching down and wiping the tears from Esther's face when she was chosen to be married a king who got rid of his previous wife "I have not forgotten you."
  • I can visualize God wrapping His arms around David while he was on the run for his life "I have not forgotten you."

The situations Joseph, Esther and David found themselves in weren't because of sin. They weren't being punished because of some action they committed. Yet the road they were on was a difficult one. I am sure they spent countless nights crying. They may have wondered why they were in that situation. Yet God never forgot them. He never abandoned them. In the midst of their situation, God was still there. He was still in control. His plan was still going to be fulfilled.

Joseph's dream was never threatened. Esther's calling was never abandoned. David's anointing was never removed. The purpose and the plan God had for those individuals remained even when they found themselves in prison, in the palace and on the run.

There was never a time that God forgot the promise over their life.When Joseph's brother's were plotting against Him, God still sat on the throne. When Joseph's brother's sold him into slavery, God was still in control. When Joseph was falsely accused and thrown into prison, God's hand was still upon his life. And never once, did God forget Joseph. God never abandoned the promise and the calling that was upon Joseph's life.

The same is true for each and everyone of us. When I read a book, I like to read the end before I read the beginning. I like to know how a story is going to end. There are times when God gives us a promise (the end of the story) but there are times when we walk one sentence at a time. In both situations we need to have confidence that God has not forgotten us, nor has He abandoned us.

My prayer the last few months has been "I am available to you." There has been so much that has transpired within the last month. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, tears immediately began streaming down my face. When the doctors told us that his mass was so large it was constricting his heart and causes his lung to collapse, the tears continued to stream. When they told us the cancer was rare and the treatment had a lot of complications, the tears were there again. But through it all, God was whispering "I have not abandoned you. I have not forgotten you."

He was whispering to me "I am in control of this situation. I have a plan that exceeds what you can even imagine. There is a purpose behind this pain you are dealing with right now. The mountain in front of you seems so high and the road you are on seems so treacherous, but I have not abandoned you. I have not forgotten you. I am in control!"

There are promises that have been declared over my life and some of them have yet to come to pass. There are dreams that I know God has given me that have yet to be fulfilled. Satan would like nothing more than to convince us when we are faced with a difficult situation, that God has forgotten us or abandoned us. Yet that is nothing but a lie. The road we take will not always be easy, but God has already paved the way. The mountains we climb might seem so tall but God's hand is holding ours.

I don't know what situation you find yourself in. I don't know what promise was given to you years ago. I don't know what dream you have embedded so deep within your spirit. But I do know that

God has not abandoned you. He has not forgotten you. You are not alone.

You might find yourself in a pit like Joseph was.
You might find yourself faced with lions like Daniel was.
You might find yourself in the middle of a storm as the disciples were.
You might find yourself in the wilderness like David was.
You might find yourself barren like Hannah was.

But you will never find yourself alone. You will never find yourself abandoned. You will never find yourself forgotten. God is in control. His plan will be fulfilled. His promise will come to pass.