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One Day...

One day you will be planning your wedding. One day you will have a collection of magazines sitting on your bed as your pick the color flowers for your bouquet. One day you will be writing a guest list. One day you will walk down the aisle and say “I do.” Or if you are a guy reading this, there will be a day you will be listening to your fiancĂ© planning the wedding. There will be a day you will accompany her to cake testing and gift registry. One day, you will.

You may be wondering when that day will come. Though you haven’t told anyone or many people, you have been consumed with fear. Every year you get older and you wonder when that day will come. As you see friends of yours marrying and people younger than you in relationships, you wonder when your day will come.
(I was always a bridesmaid...)

You live for God. You serve Him. You are active in ministry. You lift your hands in worship and praise on Sundays. You shout “Amen” during Bible Study. When people ask for prayer concerning their situation, you sincerely seek God and believe He will answer. You have seen God do so many things in your own life. Doors that only God could open have been opened. The job you have. The house you live in. The healing in your heart from past scars. God has done so much for you.

Yet there is a little bit of fear in you. Although society puts pressure on you to be in a relationship there is also a social stigma attached to vocalizing prayer because you want to be married. There shouldn’t be.

This morning in prayer, I truly felt as though this is what God is speaking to you:

“I see your desires. The desires you don’t share with many people. You have put on a smile, when you have been hurting. You have laughed it off when people ask you why you are still single, but I see the hurt. I see the pain those questions cause you. I see you wondering, when the door will be open. I see you fearing that it won’t happen. I see the tears you don’t want anyone to know you have shed. I have heard you ask me “When will I get married?” But I want to remind you there is nothing too hard for me. Your prayers have not gone unnoticed. Your desires have not gone unseen. You have been afraid to even verbalize these desires but don’t be afraid. If you could only see what I see. I see more than just the wedding, I see the marriage. The marriage that is going to have a strong foundation. While others have compromised and while others have taken matters into their own hands, you have remained faithful. Continue. Don’t let the words of others make you feel as though something is wrong with you. Age is not a limitation to me. Don’t look elsewhere for a relationship, maintain your walk with me and doors will open. You wonder how but you are only seeing what is in front of you, I see everything. I knew every day of your life before you were even born. I created the heavens and the earth. I caused the Red Sea to part. I rained down Manna from heaven. I saved Daniel from the lion’s den. I delivered David from Saul. I did all of this. Is anything too hard for me? No! You have been obedient and you have walked in my path. There may have been times when you have strayed and done things on your own, but I am a God of forgiveness. Your past is not an obstacle to me. You trust in me to be your financial provider. Your trust in me to open doors of ministry. You trust in me for direction on the job. You need to continue to trust in me concerning your marriage. You will not be single forever and when the day comes you will be thankful for every closed door because your marriage will be blessed. Continue listening to my voice, not the voice of others. I have seen your desires.”

(Even when I was just a young girl with an afro, God knew every day of my life. He knew when I would get married.)
As I end this blog, may I encourage you to continue walking on the path God has you on. God has a purpose and He has a plan for you and marriage is part of that plan. There will be a day when you will walk down the aisle and there will be a day that you will get married. Listening to society will cause you pain, but listening to God will give you peace. It doesn’t matter how old you are, God can open doors. There is nothing impossible for Him. NOTHING!!!!!!! If you believe God is a healer, a financial provider, a deliverer, a savior, a restorer, then you also need to believe that God can open the doors for marriage.

 (Here was my day)
One day….



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