He answers prayers

Cancer. Chemotherapy. Blood counts. Transfusions.

Those are all words we've heard the last few days. Everything is new to us but we serve a God who remains the same. Since he remains the same I have so much confidence that He answers prayers.

Some might ask "where was God? When you first prayed for Mel's healing." And I will tell you that. God has never left us. I reflect on all the prayers God had answered and the specific needs he has met in the past and I know He will heal Mel and fulfill every single one of our other needs. There have been  so many needs God has answered and met over my lifetime . There have been times he's provided an abundance and times we've had to trust in our daily manna. There have been times the need has been met immediately and other times we've had to wait. But God has heard our prayers every time we've prayed.

And so  Mel does have to get chemo but God is still our healer. And there will be dark days ahead but God reminded me of so many needs He has met in my life this morning. God confirmed that  He will continue to meet our needs and heal Mel.

I have no idea why my husband has cancer. But I know God can turn a bad situation around.  I know God is in control. Satan would like nothing more but for us to throw our hands up in defeat. But I know satan is the one whose been defeated. This might be a dark season but I know the fruit that are coming after this season will be amazing. God is drawing us closer to Him and our foundation has not been shaken. God is going to get the glory and we will not stop praising Him.

David had to walk in the wilderness before he took the throne. Joseph had to be in prison before the dream came to pass. Elizabeth spent many years barren before John the Baptist was conceived. The  road may be bumpy right now but we know something great is coming out of this. The page may say cancer but I know that the story ends with a greater anointing upon my husbands life. Gods light will shine through this entire time. His promises and purpose will be fulfilled.

We don't just live for God when everything is going well. We don't just praise him when we are in abundance. We praise Him and serve Him even in our dark times. Even when it's storming we sing of His goodness. God is so good. He is amazing. He is love!

And He still answers prayers!