How is your roof?

How is your roof?

Looks like we won't be going home from the hospital today. My husbands WBC is still low. He gets his last dose of chemo today and his second cycle begins at the end of the month. He has about a year of treatment and each cycle requires hospitalization for the duration of the cycle. So far his cycles have been 14 days. So for a year my husband will spend more time in the hospital than at home.

For a year ....

That's why I ask how is your roof? It typically isn't until a leak develops that people notice there's a problem with their roof. But then it's too late, the storm is raging and the water has begun to damage the interior of the house. A wise homeowner will check their roof throughout the year,especially in dry times. This way if they find anything wrong they can fix it before the storm. Because everyone will be faced with a storm in their life.

We need to constantly check our spiritual roof. Have we let leaks developed? Do we pray still? Do we read the Bible? Are we hanging out with the wrong crowd? What condition does our roof look like? Because the storm will come. The rain is going to come. And if you have leaks in your roof, the damage might break you. The storm might destroy you.

And so when the sky is clear, when everything is going well, when you have money in the bank, when you have your health, when you have your security you need to examine your roof. And if you find holes now is the time to work on those. Recommit your time to God. Reevaluate your priorities. Restructure the things you've been doing.

I say all of that because the biggest storm I've ever faced has entered our life. The wind is blowing, the thunder is roaring, the lightening is striking and the rain is pouring. This storm came without warning. One day the sky was clear and the next day blackness had descended. We have a year of chemo, WBC and side effects and a year of hospitalization. A year of exhaustion. A year of separation. A year of financial insecurity. A year of stormy weather. A year of drenching rain.

But my roof is secure. Because when the skies were clear I was praying. When the weather was beautiful I was reading the word of God. Because when life was going the way I wanted I was evaluating my roof.

And the storm came. But the roof is not caving. The water may be pounding but our roof is secure.

There will be many tough days ahead of us. There will be a lot of tears shed. But God is God and regardless of whether a storm has entered our life, I am still going to praise Him. Through the tears, I am still going to praise Him. Through the pain, I will still praise Him. Through the storm, I will praise Him.