One step at at a time

A number of years ago I went to Oregon with some friends and we went on a hike up a mini mountain. At this time I was incredibly in shape. I worked out sometimes twice a day. However the hike was really difficult. It seemed like every step I took it got harder. There were times that I wondered if I would make it up the mountain. But as I walked, people who had been to the top of the mountain, were encouraging us to keep on going. They let us know that the difficult journey was worth it once we go to the top of the mountain. This encouragement was so nice and uplifting, but I had to take the steps. I was the one who had to lift my feet to climb the mountain and the journey was difficult.

I thought of that this last night. It is so easy to use words like “we are climbing mountains or walking through valleys or going in the desert.” But when you think of those words journeying through the valley and in the desert and up the mountain is hard. In the spiritual, there is a tall mountain in front of us. Our faith is rooted and we trust in God. Our foundation has not been shaken. Doubt has not set in. God is real and we know this. We know that God gives us strength. And we can literally feel the peace that God gives.

But Mel has to take the steps. Even though I am his wife and I am here supporting him and encouraging him, Mel still has to take the steps. He is climbing the mountain. He is walking this difficult journey. And it is a difficult journey. The chemotherapy is rough. The side effects are harsh. He will be hospitalized for 3 weeks and continue treatment for about a year. There are going to be tougher days ahead of him. And it is Mel that has to take the steps up the mountain.

I think of the mountain I climbed and how difficult it was. I was determined to make it to the top to the mountain, I wasn’t going to give up. But it was hard climbing the mountain. Every step was a difficult step and the higher I got, the more difficult it became. My legs burned from the climb. I was tired and exhausted but I kept climbing. 

This is a tall mountain that Mel faces. There are difficult days ahead for Mel. But we can gain so much strength from looking at others in the Bible who also had to climb mountains. David was anointed king, but climbed a tall mountain, before he was placed on the throne. He never stopped believing in God. He never threw in the towel. He never stated that he quit. But David had to climb that mountain before he became king. And David was the one who climbed it. No one else could climb the mountain for David. And the journey was difficult.

During the climb, David relied on God to give him strength. He relied on God to give him peace. He relied on God. But David had to make that climb. It is so easy to want someone to make the climb for you. My little Hannah loves to be carried. She does not like walking if she doesn’t have to. She is a wise little 3 year old, who understands that when someone carries you, you don’t have to do the work. You can just go along for the ride.

Yet there are times when God calls us to make the journey up the mountain. There will be tears. There will be difficulty. He tells us in a loving way that He can't carry us up the mountain. He gently tells us that He has to put us down. He tells us that we need to walk. He isn't leaving us. He will continue to be with us. But He says, "You need to climb this mountain." But God knows when we make it to the top of the mountain the view will be amazing. And we will be a different person.
 I don’t know exactly what God is going to do through this situation with my husband, but I know that there will be a greater anointing upon my husband’s life when he reaches the top of this mountain. Satan would like this journey to destroy us but it will not. We will continue to serve God and we will continue to climb this mountain.
Because the view from the top will be amazing.

 This was on our way home from a weekend in Dallas. We took the kids to the zoo. I love looking at pictures of Mel with the kids. The love he has for them is so apparent.



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