To my husband on Father's Day

To my husband on Father's Day,

This has been a tough year for us. It has been a year filled with hospital stays for you as you get cycle after cycle of chemotherapy. It has been a year filled with tears as the dreams and plans we had were discarded once you were diagnosed with cancer. And I know it has been very hard for you. And I know the hardest thing for you wasn't the initial diagnosis which you handled with such strength. It wasn't the losing of the hair which you handled with grace. And it isn't receiving the chemotherapy each cycle which you haven't complained about. I know the hardest thing has been being separated from your family during your hospital stays.

I know you want nothing more than to be able to work and provide for your family financially.
I know it has been hard not being able to work the last 6 months and knowing you won't be able to work for the remainder of the year. But you have provided for this family. You have provided your children with so much love and stability during their entire life. Your love for your children has been evident from the beginning. You woke up with them in the middle of the night when they were newborns. You held them when they were crying. Comforted them when they were sick. You embraced them when they were hurting.  

And I know it kills you to be separated from them when you are hospitalized. You typically are the one who lays down next to the children as they fall asleep. You are the one who says the nighttime prayers and who sings worship songs as they cuddle up close to you in the evening. You are the one who tells them stories as they drift off to sleep. The kids go to you when they want to have fun. You have been the horse who carries them on your back. You are the one who throws them in the air and never lets them fall. You will spend hours assembling a toy only to see them destroy it within minutes. And so I know it hurts that you can't do that while you are hospitalized but our children will never doubt the love you have for them and will always know that you are there. You have never been too busy for the children. Even though you worked 60 hours a week you were never too tired to play with them. Even though you went to school full time you never had too much homework to spend quality time with them.  

And in this tough year you are teaching them valuable lessons. The children are seeing your trust in God during this difficult situation. They are witnessing you pray. They are seeing you retain your joy when things aren't going according to our plan. They see your strength in the face of difficulties. They see you depending on God. Even though things aren't going the way we planned this year, you are showing our children never to give up on God. You are teaching them how to put God first in their life. 

And our children are so blessed to have you as a father. And I am blessed to have you as my husband.

We love you!