When God doesn't come through the way you thought He would

I didn't want to write this blog. In fact, as the thought and the words to the blog flooded my mind, I prayed "God please don't let me have to live what I am about the write."But the thought wouldn't go away and I truly believe that someone needs to read this blog. So here goes...

We all like hearing testimonies of the things that God has done. We shout when we hear of the job offer. We clap when we hear of that mysterious check that was found in the mailbox. We run and jump when we hear of the tumor that disappeared. We love testimonies. When a person receives a promotion they weren't qualified for, we thank God. When a person is able to conceive years after dealing with infertility, we cry tears of joy. When a marriage is restored and a child delivered from drugs, we offer thanks to God.

But what happens when God doesn't come through the way we thought He would? What happens and what do we do, when the check didn't arrive in the mail and our mortgage went unpaid? What happens when the cancer spread and the healing didn't come? What happens when the doctor tells us "I am sorry we did everything we could to save your child, but were unable to?" What happens when the moving truck comes because you weren't able to save your home? What happens when months go by and a job opportunity doesn't come? What happens when you never get that wedding you always dreamed of? What happens when your marriage isn't restored?

Because there are mourning wives who prayed with all their heart for their husband to be healed. There are devastated parents who cried out to God but who still had to bury their child. There are couples who years after trying were never able to have a child. There are older individuals who prayed for a spouse but remained single. There are families living with loved ones because a job wasn't found and they lost their home. There is a young lady who prayed that God would restore the pregnancy but had to endure the miscarriage.

And God didn't come through the way they thought He would. But He never stopped being God. And He might not answer the prayer the way we hoped He would, but He is still in control. The need might not have been fulfilled in the way we desired, but He is still powerful. He can still do all things even if you did suffer a miscarriage. He is still a healer when the disease killed. He is still a restorer even if the marriage broke up. He is still powerful even if the answer didn't come the way we hoped. He is still a provider even if you lost your home. He still performs miracles even if you were unable to conceive. He still is God even if the need wasn't answered the way you thought it would be.

If you find yourself in the situation where your prayer wasn't answered the way you thought it would be, God is near to you. If you find yourself with your world crumbling around you and your heart is broken, God has heard your prayers. He isn't ignoring your pain. He sees every single one of your tears. And when things don't happen the way we thought they would, God is still good. In the midst of our pain and in the midst of our hurt, God is right beside us. He is near. He hasn't abandoned us. He didn't forsake us. He didn't turn His back on us.

The Bible says that God gives a peace that surpasses all understanding. Because there are times when we may never understand or have the answer to the question of "Why?" I don't know why in 2011 I suffered a miscarriage. I don't know why God didn't restore that pregnancy. I don't know why God didn't perform that miracle. But I know His peace, because in a dark time God poured down a peace that surpassed all understanding. I don't know why my husband's cancer came back after the tumor disappeared. I don't know why the last 9 months my husband has had to endure cycle after cycle of chemotherapy. But I know His peace. I don't understand why my family is enduring what we are but God has poured down a peace. You may never get to the answer to the question you have been asking, but peace is greater than understanding.

So cry those tears and weep. Pour out your pain to God. Because God does hear. And He will wipe your tears. You may not think so but He will restore your joy. He will give you peace. He will uplift you strength. He may not have answered your prayer the way you wanted Him to, but He never stopped being God. And He never stopped caring for you. You are special. You are important. You are loved. And He has a plan and a purpose. We may not see it. We may not understand it.

But every word of the Bible is true. He is a God of love and He will pour out His love. He is a God of comfort and He will comfort you. He is a God of peace and He will fill you with peace. He is a God of strength and He will surround you with strength. He is a God who is control. He knows how your story ends and it ends with victory.