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Our life changed but God remained the same

Almost 365 days ago our life changed. My husband and father of two was diagnosed with cancer. Life as we lived it was turned upside down. Our plans for the future were place on hold.

Almost 365 days ago our two income home became a one income home.

Almost 365 days ago the plans my husband had to transfer to the local 4 year university were crushed.

Almost 365 days ago our plans to sell our house and move into our dream home was destroyed.

Almost 365 days ago we were told, while on vacation, that my husband had cancer. Since then my husband has spent 150 days in the hospital. He has received platelet transfusions, blood transfusions, shots to boost his WBC and cycle after cycle of chemotherapy.

Almost 365 days ago my toddlers had to experience separation as my husband spends two weeks in the hospital at a time getting chemo. They've had to learn what white blood cells do and learn what chemotherapy is. Their innocent childhood has been turned upside down as they have to see their …