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You will make it

You will make it. 
This storm won't defeat you.

There will be tears. There will be pain. Your heart will feel as though it is breaking in a million pieces.

But you will make it.
You won't always understand. You will question why you have to endure the most difficult journey of your life.

But you will make it.
You will hurt. You will feel depleted. You will feel bruised. You will feel as though all the strength you had within you has been sucked dry.
But you will make it.
You at times won't have the words to pray. You will feel alone. 
But you will make it.

How do I know you will make it?
Because my husband was diagnosed with cancer on December 30th, 2014.
And we made it.
Because he endured 8 cycles of high dose chemotherapy.
And we made it.
Because he was hospitalized for over 150 days.
And we made it.
Because our income was cut in half and our expenses greatly surpassed our income.
And we made it
Because tears soaked my pillows at night and my heart was broken.
And we made it.
Because my chil…

God is still in control

On December 30, 2014 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He was 29 at the time and our son was 4 and daughter 3. In the matter of minutes our world was turned upside down. During 2015 my husband was hospitalized 10 times. He endured 8 cycles of chemotherapy each cycle requiring a two week hospital stay. He required platelet and blood transfusions and his WBC would get so low that if acquiring a simple cold was incredibly dangerous.We were reduced to one income. Many nights my children would ask me why their dad was sick.

It was the most difficult year. My heart broke as I saw my husband hooked up to IV's that were dripping chemo into his body. There were days I felt like I was crawling towards the finish line. Many days I put a smile on my face for others to see but I was broken inside. Our plans had been shattered. Our life completely changed. And I wondered why us? Why my husband? Why did my children have to endure separation from their dad? At times the pain was unbearable. Ni…