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I choose to be real

I choose to be real concerning what my family is going through. I think at times people feel pressure to put on a smile when we are in pain or act as if we are strong and not affected by what's going on in our life. We are praising God through this storm but the storm has been relentlessly pounding for 17 months. And it hurts. It hurts that Malachi and Hannah have spent so much time away from Mel. It hurts that Mel has had to spend so much time in the hospital. It hurts that we are waiting for a miracle. It hurts that financially things are uncertain. Cancer hurts. And we've cried. We've felt drained. And I choose to be real.

(If we could only all be as real as Hannah was in this picture.)

Actively trusting God requires a person to be in a situation that hurts. Our trust in God wasn't tested when we had health, money in the bank and plans that were coming to pass. Every day for the last 17 months we've had to actively trust God. We've had to trust that He would…

Unless God intervenes....

Malachi and Hannah adore their daddy. Since last Sunday when we came home from the hospital I have witnessed my kids cuddle so close to their dad as we get ready to go to bed. I have seen them crawl on his lap and lay on his chest. 

And with tears down my eyes I think "unless God intervenes"
Because I witness the exhaustion of my husband. I have seen his body fight so hard against this disease. I have seen him cry as the doctor told us a bone marrow transplant is necessary. And every day I see as the exhaustion grows.

And I cry because we are in an "unless God intervenes situation"
Unless God intervenes my husband will not be there for my son's high school graduation. He won't be able to teach him how to tie a tie. He won't be there cheering on sporting events. He won't be there when my son falls in love. He won't be there to instill in him Biblical values.

Unless God intervenes
Unless God intervenes my husband won't be there to walk my daughter …