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The fear of having to plan a funeral...

A 30 year old shouldn't have to plan their funeral. A father of two young kids shouldn't have to think about losing his life. A husband shouldn't have to worry about the family he may leave behind.

Yet that is what is happening in our home. As Christians we often don't talk about statistics and death because people often criticize one's lack of faith or trust. Yet statistics stare at my family on a daily basis. Statistics state that without a bone marrow transplant my husband will die. Statistics tell us that when this type of cancer returns a person can't expect to live another year. Statistics shout at us on a daily basis. And there are times we can ignore it. Times when my husband is feeling good that we can have a positive outlook. But there are times like this week when his legs have been in unbearable pain that the statistics shout louder. There are times like this week when he discovers bumps on his head that the statistics scream in our face. There are …

When chemotherapy costs more than my house...

The cost of medical insurance is incredibly high. In December of 2014 my husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma. A six day hospital stay resulted in a $191,000charge to our insurance. My house is not even worth $191,000.
A recent one week stay in the hospital resulted in a $161,000charge

This year a 2 week stay resulted in a $234,000 charge to my insurance
My husband gets chemo three days a week every 21 days. One day of chemo costs$25,000 A week of chemo costs $75,000.Without this drug, the cancer will return. 
I didn’t plan on writing a blog today about the high cost of health care.  But after examining the claims for my husband though I felt it necessary to write a blog. And I hope this blog goes viral because it is outrageous the high cost of health care. 
This is not a blog criticizing doctors because they are not the ones who are charging an arm and a leg. This is not even a blog about insurance companies, because we have been blessed with an insurance company that covers the cos…

I am tired of trusting in God...

I am tired....

Tired of cancer

Tired of chemo

Tired of calling the insurance on a daily basis

Tired of this storm that has relentlessly pounded

Tired of not making enough to cover all our expenses

Tired of having ten years of teaching experience but making significantly less than a  first year teacher but not being able to do much about it because I need to be able to work from home and health insurance is through my job

Tired of hospital stays

Tired of separation

Tired of this mountain called instability, this valley called chemo, this desert called transplants, this storm called cancer.

And it hurts...

It hurts seeing my husband hooked up to chemo

It hurts hearing my son tell me he gets sad when his dad is in the hospital

It hurts listening to doctors as they provide statistics

It hurts as 18 months of this horrible journey continues on

And even though I can see the provision of God I'm broken that we have to endure this

Yes God has removed a tumor from my husband’s body

Yes God did provide thou…

A life worth saving

Do you have minute? I know you are busy. You might be at work. You may be at home with little children demanding your attention. Maybe you are in the car. Or you might even be enjoying a vacation. But can I have your attention for a few minutes?

I want to introduce you to my husband. He is an amazing man. And he has cancer.
This picture was taken during the first of his 12 hospital stays.
He has spent over 200 days in the hospital during the last 18 months.

This was taken during 1 of the 8 cycles of chemo he had last year.

He has been injected with toxic drugs designed to kill the cancerous cells.

He has been hooked up  sometimes for 24 hours with chemo dripping into his body.

And because the chemo is so toxic he would have to be given a rescue drug so the chemo wouldn't stay too long.

These are pictures from his many hospital stays. Each picture represents a different two week hospital stay.

 And the collage doesn't fit all of his hospital stays.

The chemo doesn't just ki…