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When doctors say there is nothing else they can do.....

This is my wonderful husband. He was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2014. Since then he has spent hundreds of days in a hospital. I have lost count of the number of hospitalizations. But the last one lasted six weeks.

This is the scene that has been repeated hundreds of times. My two little children walking through the parking garage of the hospital to visit their dad.

My little boy has gone from being able to run around with his daddy to having to give him cuddles from a hospital bed because the chemo has left my husband with the inability to move his hands and legs.

I patiently waited for the spouse God had for me and when I was 28 years old God opened the door for Mel and me to meet and begin dating. At 29 I got married to my best friend. And we started living the "happily ever after" story. Mel is my best friend. He is the best husband and an amazing husband. And cancer has prevented so many things during the last two years. We no longer can take weekend trips to the zo…