When God gives you more than you can bear

People love to say that God won't give you more than you can bear.

I beg to differ.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2014...That was more than I could bear.

He endured 8 cycles of chemotherapy in 2015 and was forced to be hospitalized for 2-3 weeks with each cycle of chemotherapy....That was more than I could bear.

He was declared in remission, received 18 doses of radiation and we thought the end of cancer treatment was over.  We were wrong.

In March of 2015 he was hospitalized and told he had Bells Palsy...More than we could bear.

A month later he was hospitalized again with kidney function at less than 25% and told that the cancer returned...More than we could bear.

He spent the summer months receiving salvage chemo which ended up not working and by July the cancer had spread to his bone marrow, his spine and through his body...More than we could bear.

The chemotherapy that was designed to destroy the cancer ultimately left him paralyzed and he is unable to move his hands and his legs...More than we could bear.

He was sent home on hospice and told he had weeks or maybe months to live...More than we could bear.

He developed a wound in the hospital that is not getting better and we were recently told that the wound may get infected and ultimately can take his life...More than we could bear.

The last two years have been full of events that were more than we could bear. They are hard. They break our heart. They cause us much pain. I can't bear the cancer diagnosis. I can't bear the pain that has come with the cancer diagnosis. I can't bear to see my husband crying and my children upset because they can't run around and play with their dad.

And so when people tell me that God won't give me more than I can bear I do beg to differ.

God has given us more than we can bear. But He has not given us more than He can bear. The weight on our shoulders may cause us to crumble and fall but God has taken this situation and placed it upon His shoulders and He holds the world in his hands. The situation is too big for us but it is not too big for God. And so God has given us more than we can bear. He has allowed a situation to take place within our life that is big. We can't bear it. But He can. He has never intended for us to do this on our own. He doesn't expect for us to have to figure things out. We can't bear this on our own.

Instead of saying "God won't give you more than you can bear" we should say "God won't give you more than He can bear." He can handle everything. He can turn the darkest situations around. And when things don't resolve the way we want them to resolve God will give us the strength to endure. He will give us the comfort to make it through difficult nights. He will give us the peace to handle the negative reports we are constantly getting. He will carry us through the darkest of days.


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