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A time to live and a time to die

A year ago this month we took this picture.

 Mel was finishing his 8th and what we thought was his final cycle of chemo. He was in remission and doctors were optimistic at his survival. Last night I took the bottom picture thinking how much different things were.

Same kids. Same hospital. Completely different prognosis. Whereas last year the doctors had hope this year they have no hope. The options they give us concerning treatment are not being discussed in a way to save his life they are discussed in an effort to try and make the remaining time he has here most comfortable. And the pain seems more intense because it is not the cancer that is threatening his life. It is not the spinal cord damage either. Instead it is a preventable wound that developed in the hospital that is threatening his life. Within the last few days I have witnessed my husband's mental state change so much. And I have listened to the negative reports from the doctors.

The Bible talks about there being a ti…