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A living testimony

 He used to work 60 hours a week and went to school full time. After working 10 hour days in which he walked miles as a meter reader for the utility company he would come home, play with the kids for a little and then go to class at night. Long after everyone was sleeping he would be awake doing his homework. He would then climb into bed and start the routine the next day. Six days a week he worked and never complained. And on Sunday after church, even though he was tired, he would let me take a nap. There was never one time our children ever felt that he was too busy or too tired for them. He would take them  outside and run around with them. He would get on the floor and build forts with them. He used the voice of whatever cartoon character they were into. And at bedtime he would lay next to them as they fell asleep. In addition to being an amazing father, he always treated me as though I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Some woman complain because their husband doesn't help out enough and that was not the case with Mel. He got up in the middle of the night with the children. He helped out around the house. He cooked dinner and made breakfast. Amazing is the word to use to describe him.

And so it pains me so much to see him the way he is. He used to walk 5 to 10 miles every day six days a week and now his body is weak. His body has been beaten and bruised. Yesterday he developed some bacteria because of all the antibiotics he is on and has been nauseous and dealing with diarrhea. He is hooked up to fluids. He is taking vitamin C, D, B12, magnesium, calcium and zinc supplements. He needs weekly blood  transfusions and monthly platelet transfusions. My husband, who was once able to do so much, needs help with everything now.
We have experienced first hand God do so much for my husband. A tumor miraculously removed. Doctors once told us that he only had weeks to live because the paralysis was going to spread and yet it didn't and months have passed. When the cancer was scattered throughout his body his oncologist told him there was only a 50% chance that after 3 cycles of chemo the cancer would be removed. Yet after only one cycle no more cancer was found. And yet this road has been so long. Diagnosed with cancer a month after his 29th birthday, my husband spent his 31st birthday in a hospital bed at home paralyzed due to the chemotherapy.
He has said many times that he is tired.
Tired for the kids. They ask when he is going to come home. When he is at home and has to go to wound care appointments in the ambulance they ask if he is going back to the hospital. Malachi loves science and asks how cancer cells develops. They are unable to cuddle next to their dad like they used to. They can't go outside and run around with him as they once did. Mel is unable to put them on his shoulders like he did or throw them in the air. He can't play with them. He can't build them forts and let them lay on his back while they watch cartoons. And it kills Mel to see them hurting.

Tired for me. He sees me spending hours on the phone with the insursnce. He sees me as I juggle working full time, doing contracted work, homeschooling the kids, taking care of the house and taking care of him. He can't reach out and hold my hand like he used to. He can't wrap his arms around me when he sees me overwhelmed. He can't lay next to me at night. He can't let me put my feet on his lap as we watch tv together. He can't take me out on a date. And I have seen him cry so many times when I am on the phone dealing with medical claims and bills.

And he is tired for himself. He has had toxic chemotherapy go through his body multiple times. His body is so worn down. You can see the exhaustion in his eyes. And I don't know how much more of this his body can physically take. His red blood cells aren't producing. His platelets aren't producing. He is so weak.
And yet he is so strong.
My husband is the strongest person I know. During the last 25 months he has endured so much but he has never quit fighting. He has taught me more about faith in God than anyone and more than any preaching I have ever heard. When he could, he would make to church. He would lift his hands in praise in spite of all he was enduring. He brought his bass guitar to the hospital during chemotherapy and would play along worship songs in the evening. When he was able, after everyone had gone to sleep, he would go into his prayer closet with his Bible and would read. I would often awaken to the sound of him praying. Every time we received bad news, he would declare the goodness of God. He is tired. He would like to pass the baton on to someone else. He would like this season of pain to pass. But he is continuing to live for God. During the last six months as he has been confined to a hospital bed during the middle of the night I can hear him singing songs of praise and praying. He is a living testimony. His life is a reflection and an example what living for God looks like. He may never have preached a sermon behind the pulpit but his life is preaching to thousands. 


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