Heaven just gained an amazing man (Melchor Lira 1985-2017)

I woke up a wife today but am going to sleep a widow. My children woke up today with a dad they could touch and are going to sleep with just memories. Mel's body was too tired. Too exhausted. He had fought for so long. And he could not fight any longer

Crushed. That word doesn't describe how I feel. Death is hard. But this was unexpected. We were planning hospital discharge plans last Thursday and the expected discharge date was February 14th. I had no idea that he was going home just not his earthly one.

Devastated. Because I don't know how to go through life without my husband by my side. The Bible talks about what two get married they become one and so I feel like half of me has been taken away. He was an amazing husband. God truly knew what I needed in a husband and while I am devastated I only got seven years of marriage with him, I am blessed to have had those seven year.

Heartbroken. More than the pain I feel from losing my spouse I am broken over the fact that my kids will just have memories. That devastates me because no matter how good of a parent I am they will have a hole from losing their dad. He was such an amazing dad. He got up in the middle of the night with them, changed their diapers, and found joy in all of their milestones. Malachi and Hannah were so blessed and if I am honest, I do feel that they were robbed with him passing away.



He was such an amazing man. His name deserves to be known by many.  He will always be a hero to me. During the last two years he exhibited a level of strength I have not seen from anyone. Even though he was getting chemo and was beaten and bruised by the cancer he gave 100% as a husband and 100% as a father. He never stood behind a pulpit to preach but his testimony preached to many. He was a true definition of what a husband and father should be. He was also a true definition of how a Christian should live. He never cursed God. He praised God through the end.

Malachi and Hannah are asking tough questions. And they want to know why God didn't heal Mel. I don't have the answer to that question. I wonder it myself. I am sure in the months and years ahead I will have questions I will ask God but I won't question His choice. I am not angry that God took my husband home.

He won the race and we do have a long painful road ahead of us. A road full of sorrow and hurt. As I sat next to my husband though watching his monitors I felt God tell me we were going to be all right.  I will never know why God called my husband home but I am blessed beyond measure to have known him. And after he passed away I felt so much peace in the room. I started praising God. I know there are tears ahead of us. I know that we have a long road of healing. I know we will have our ups and our downs. But I truly believe God will be with us every step of the way.

I do ask that if you can donate please do. I have a funeral to plan and I have two broken children who lost their dad but who need their mom so desperately. I want to be able to give them 100% of me right now. I have no paid time off left and will have to work. I have an amazing job but the pay doesn't cover my expenses. It allows me to work from home though which is so needed right now. Any donations help so that I won't have to look for another job.



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