Mel's testimony

(This is part of what I said during Mel's memorial service. I wanted to share it in a blog because Mel's life truly was a testimony. So many people want to be applauded and recognized. They want recognition but are not willing to endure tough times. God used Mel in a mighty way. And Mel had to endure pain but in the end Mel made it to heaven and got the greatest reward. His life was a testimony)

Someone sent me a message on FB on Sunday letting me know that she shared Mel’s testimony in her Sunday School class. She told me that she shared how Mel lived for God in spite of what he was going through. During the last two years many, when they prayed for Mel, told him God chose him to be a testimony. No one more than Mel, myself and the kids wanted that testimony to include a miraculous healing. We wanted the story to end with the cancer to be gone, the paralysis to disappear and everything that was lost during the last two years to be restored. But Mel’s life truly is a testimony. Within the last few weeks especially, Mel felt as though he wasn’t going to survive. He would have dreams where he was in heaven and he could feel his body growing weaker and more tired. But he never stopped praising God. Probably because he had to be turned every two hours, Mel never got a restful sleep. And so within the last few months he often talked in his sleep. But even when he was talking in his sleep he was singing praises to God. I would wake up to hear him praising, singing songs, praying and speaking in tongues. Mel knew that he probably wouldn’t survive but he never turned his back on God.

That is a true testimony. His service to God wasn’t dependent on the miracle. And that is so powerful. It is easy to serve God when He heals. It is easy to serve God when He does what you want Him to do. It is easy to live for God when He makes everything work out the way you have been praying that He would. But Mel served God even when he knew that God wasn’t going to complete the healing. Mel’s life is a testimony, one that I pray is shared and told for many years to come.

During the last two years, he underwent 14 cycles of chemotherapy. He often spent two weeks in the hospital at a time getting the chemotherapy. He was hospitalized 16 times. He received 18 days of radiation. He became paralyzed and was confined to a bed for the last 4 months of his life. He had been given multiple times negative news. But he always declared the goodness of God. Mel served God in the good and the bad. He trusted in God when others had given up hope. He praised God until the very end. Never once did I hear Mel speak a word against God. He never cursed God. He was never angry towards God.

Today we are gathered because God called Mel home. We didn’t get the miracle we so desperately wanted but God did perform many miracles. When Mel was first diagnosed with cancer he had a tumor in his chest. Without any chemotherapy, and only with steroids, the tumor disappeared. The doctor came in the room and said
“surprisingly the tumor is gone.” The miracles did not end there. When the cancer returned in April, his doctor began salvage chemo. This is essentially a last ditch effort to save a patient. This salvage drug did not work and by July the cancer had spread to his spine, bone marrow and was scattered throughout his body. His doctor said there was a 50% chance that after 3 cycles of chemo the cancer would go away. After only one cycle the cancer was gone. And when the paralysis started Mel was sent home on hospice because they thought it was going to spread into his brain. Yet it didn’t. And we were given 4 more months.

I have no idea why God did not heal Mel. I don’t understand. But my husband’s testimony is an example to everyone. It is not enough to live for God when it is convenient to you. Mel blessed the Lord at all times. And he has received the greatest reward. He is in heaven with the Lord right now. 

He will always be my hero, my best friend and my true love and there will always be one missing from our table but I am thankful that my husband is in heaven.


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