Marriage on the horizon

In March of 2007 I went to Austin, Texas to speak at a college and career church service. Unbeknownst to me, I attracted the attention of a young man. It would be 8 more months before our paths crossed. This young man saw me again at a church service in Dallas and came to introduce himself. We had a fifteen minute conversation. And parted ways. Yet in March of 2008 once again our paths crossed at another church service and this time we exchanged numbers. An entire year had passed between the time he first saw me to the time we started talking on the phone getting to know each other. And in 2009, this girl from California married the guy who lived in Texas.

I thought about that this morning. I was living for God when Mel saw me. In my season of being single, I was praising God, worshipping Him and allowing God to use me. And that is what I was doing when I caught the eye of Mel. I had no idea that when I went to Austin in March of 2007 I attracted the eye of someone, but I am thankful that I attracted his eye while living for God.

What one is doing while they are single is important. A season of singleness should not be looked at as punishment. And there will come a day when one is single living for God that they will attract the eye of someone. More important than saying one was attracted to the way a person looked is to hear them say, "the way you lived for God was what attracted me to you. The praise you offered to God caught my attention. Your worship and dedication to God caught my eye." Yes, the person you marry will be attracted to your physical features but physical features change.

It can be hard being single while you watch those around you get married. We often think of single as the-never-married-without-kids person but single comes in many different forms. There is the single parent who never got married. There is the divorced person with no kids. There is the divorced person with kids. There is the single person with a head full of grey hair. There is the single person who spent years dating the wrong person. The list can go on but whatever form of single you find yourself in be encouraged. The date on the calendar may be changing. The number of candles on the cake increasing. You may think that your form of single will never attract anyone but there is no need to worry.

Praise God. Live for Him. Allow God to use you in your season of being single. Don't let the date on the calendar discourage you. You will attract the eye of someone. God will orchestrate what you can't seem to figure out. Your form of single won't matter to someone because they will be attracted to how you live for God. They will take notice of the praise you offer to God. They will see how you serve God. Don't allow the pressure of the world to encourage you to look outside of what scripture says concerning marriage. Keep your eyes focused on God.

You never know, you may have attracted the attention of your future spouse already.