What do we do when God doesn't....

The last eight months I have lived the “What do we do when God doesn’t?" part of life.

This is a part of life that we don't want to live. We want to live the "When God does..." part of life.
That part of life is easy for us to shout and declare His goodness and testify of His power.

We all like to talk about a God who does heal. A God who does provide. A God who does make a way out of no way.

Because He does. My life is a testimony of a God who does what is not possible for man. The testimonies I have from my own personal life of God performing miracles and opening doors is lengthy.

But there will be a time in all of our lives that we will have to live the "What do we do when God doesn't?"

 8 months ago, I also experienced the God who sometimes doesn’t.

I experienced a God who sometimes doesn’t heal.

I experienced a God who sometimes doesn’t perform that earthly miracle.

I experienced a God who sometimes doesn’t fulfill the desires of one’s heart.

I sat next to my husband and listened to the doctors tell me that there was nothing else they could do.I watched them try everything in their power to give him more time. And after praying for more than two years that God would do the impossible with my husband and remove the cancer from his body and reverse the paralysis that left him bed bound for five months, I watched my husband take his last breath.

I witnessed a 31 husband and father to two young children pass away.

And I experienced a God who sometimes doesn’t.

God does heal.
He does perform the impossible.
He does make a way out of no way.
He does do what doctor’s say is impossible.
He does restore that which is completely broken.

But sometimes He doesn’t.

And when He doesn’t, we are left with "what do we do?"

God didn’t heal my husband on earth, but I still believe He is a healer.

God didn’t do the impossible in my husband’s life, but I still believe He does the impossible.

God didn’t fulfill the desire I had for my husband to be healed on earth, but I still know God fulfills the desires of our heart.

When God didn’t heal my husband the way I wanted Him to He didn’t stop being good.
His love for me didn’t decrease.
His power wasn’t diminished.
He didn’t lose his seat on the throne.

When God didn’t heal my husband the way I wanted Him to, His plan for my life didn’t change.
His promises for my family didn’t vanish.

And so even though my husband wasn’t healed the way I wanted him to be
My praise for God isn’t diminishing
The worship I offer to God isn’t decreasing
The declarations I make of God’s goodness isn’t changing
I will praise God at all times.
I will glorify Him every second of every day
I will walk on this path God called me to walk and I will do it with an attitude of thanksgiving.

God didn't perform the earthly healing.

But in my time of mourning, God wrapped me in His arms.
He whispered that He loved me when tears were streaming down my face.
When I was crying myself to sleep at night, God was right there by my side. 
When I didn't know how I could make it, God was continually telling me that He would help me make it.
His strength, comfort and peace clothed me. 

Sometimes God doesn't.

But in those times, it is so important that we don't walk away from Him.
We need to continually trust in the God who created the heavens and the earth and who spoke life into existence.