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To the Christian who had sex before marriage

This past week my social media was inundated with engagement and wedding posts. It seemed as though everyone was either getting married or engaged during the month of November. And as I scrolled through the many pictures I began to think of those who are filled with guilt or shame over their past and who every time they see an engagement announcement or wedding picture think within themselves "that will never be me."

You have convinced yourself that because you had sex outside of marriage, or because you were in an unequally yoked relationship or because you are a single parent, or because before you were a Christian you had an abortion, or because even though you didn't have sex you didn't maintain sexual purity, (the list can go on) that you don't deserve or never will get that "happily ever after."

Your sin may have been exposed to all due to a pregnancy or maybe yours is hidden in shame and secrecy and you are afraid to even admit what you have don…

Mommy, when are you going to get remarried?

I am never shocked by what comes out of my 5 year old little daughter's mouth. She has seen my grey hair and asked if I was 100. She has seen my stomach and asked if I was pregnant. She has declared that she is going to marry someone younger than her and while on the way to a baby shower, asked me if the couple was having a boy because she is looking for her potential spouse.

Hannah doesn't hold back her feelings. If she doesn't say what she is feeling, her facial expressions give her thoughts away. And I love this about my little girl. She has asked questions since her dad has died, that many probably are thinking but are afraid to ask. She has asked me if God didn't hear our prayers? She has asked me why God didn't heal her dad? She has asked a lot of why questions that I don't have the answers to, but I am thankful that she isn't afraid to ask those tough questions.

But the question that she asks quite often that usually leaves me at a loss for words i…

Marriage doesn't look like the pictures we post on social media

I think most people would say they want a true love story. And when describing this love story, many would describe scenes from a Hollywood movie. Scenes of the perfect proposal, dream wedding, and amazing glamorous filled dates. But glamour doesn't equate to a true love story. The pictures we see on social media of amazing dates, beautiful homes, adorable couples in coordinating outfits drinking coffee by the fire place, those are the good times. And marriage is full of good times. But marriage is also full of struggles. It is not always glamourous.

For every romantic date that is documented and published on social media, there are hundreds of scenes that aren't documented. There are the disagreements over bills. There are the pictures of toddlers waking up in the middle of the night contributing to another sleep-deprived evening. There are laundry piles and unwashed dishes. There are crying babies and fighting toddlers in the back of the car on the way to church. There are b…

Defective Goods

I went to the appliance store last week to purchase a refrigerator and a sign in front of one of the refrigerators caught my eye. The price of the refrigerator was cut significantly because the appliance was defective. As I looked down the aisle I saw other refrigerators that also had their prices cut. Some were completely broken. Others had dents in them.  As a result of this, the store was attempting to sell these refrigerators for a lot less than the ones that weren't damaged. They knew that a person would not be willing to pay full price for these appliances because of their damage.

I thought of that tonight because I wondered how many people sitting in church pews feel like they are defective. Because of their past, they don't think they are worth the same as others sitting next them. It can be that they grew up in a single parent home and don't think they are worth the same as those who grew up with two parents. It can be that they grew up in poverty and don't t…