Defective Goods

I went to the appliance store last week to purchase a refrigerator and a sign in front of one of the refrigerators caught my eye. The price of the refrigerator was cut significantly because the appliance was defective. As I looked down the aisle I saw other refrigerators that also had their prices cut. Some were completely broken. Others had dents in them.  As a result of this, the store was attempting to sell these refrigerators for a lot less than the ones that weren't damaged. They knew that a person would not be willing to pay full price for these appliances because of their damage.

I thought of that tonight because I wondered how many people sitting in church pews feel like they are defective. Because of their past, they don't think they are worth the same as others sitting next them. It can be that they grew up in a single parent home and don't think they are worth the same as those who grew up with two parents. It can be that they grew up in poverty and don't think they are worth the same who grew up with money. It can be that they never attended college or even graduated from high school and think they are not worth the same as someone with an education. Maybe they were abused at one point in their life and don't think they are worth the same as those who weren't. They may have had premarital sex and don't think they are worth someone who waited until they were married. It may be that they are a single parent and don't think they are worth the same as a single person without kids.

As a result of this feeling as though they are not worth the same, they "cut their price" just like the appliance store did. They feel as though they are defective and not worth the same as the person sitting next to them. They have convinced themselves that God will never use them because of their past. Or that God doesn't love them as much as those who aren't "defective." They may feel as though no one will never love them. They don't think God has promises for them. They don't think good can ever come to them. They may feel because of actions they took they have destroyed and voided all of the plans God has for their life.

Maybe this is you. Maybe you sit in church on a weekly basis and you feel like you are the broken refrigerator that I saw in the appliance store. You sit next to and see others who don't have the same scars as you do. They don't have your past. They haven't done the things you have done. And you don't feel as though you are worth the same. You feel defective. You feel broken. You feel damaged.

That is what Satan would like you to feel. He would like you to lower your value. He would like you to feel as though God's love doesn't extend to you because of things you may have done. He would like you to think that no one will ever love you as a result of your past. He would like you to cut your price and settle. He would like to convince you that you aren't worth the same as others around you.

May I encourage you. You are not defective in the eyes of God. Your past has not disqualified you from being used by God. Your mistakes do not mean that God loves you less than others. Your past may have beat you up. There may be dents on you. There may scars that others do not have. But God takes the broken and He makes it whole. God can use your past as a testimony to others.

Don't devalue yourself. Don't settle. Don't believe the lie of Satan that God doesn't have promises for your life. Because He does. You are not a defective.