Why me?

Why Me?

This is a question, if we are honest, most of us have asked at one point in our life. We look at all that we are going through and we wonder why God is allowing the pain to transpire in our life. I am not going to lie and act like I haven’t asked that question during the last 3 years because I have. But when I read scripture I see many individuals who also could have asked that question. David, on the run for his life. Joseph, thrown into prison. Daniel, placed in the lion’s den. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego thrown into the fiery pit. Esther, an orphan. Elizabeth unable to conceive. The list goes on. Individuals who experienced hardship and their response to hardship serves as an example to me of what my response to hardship should be.

Can I be honest again? I don’t want my testimony to be that of a young widow raising two children without their dad. It is absolutely not what I would have chosen for my life. But again I go to scripture and there are examples of individuals who also wouldn’t have chosen certain things to transpire. Ruth and Naomi surely wouldn’t have chosen to lose their husbands. Sarah wouldn’t have chosen to remain unable to conceive until she was nearing 100. Jeremiah wouldn’t have chosen to be despised by many. Job wouldn’t have chosen to lose his wealth, children and health.

Sometimes God allows pain to transpire in our life. Sometimes He allows the diagnosis to be cancer. Sometimes He allows us to lose our job. Sometimes He allows doors of ministry to remain closed. Sometimes He allows years to go by without a pregnancy. Sometimes He allows the season of being single to last longer than one would hope.

We love to preach from the stories of David, Joseph, the Disciples, Daniel, Esther and all of the other individuals who experienced hardship in the Bible. Their stories bring forth shouts of amen and applause because the story didn’t end in pain. The story ended in triumph and victory. Those are amazing stories to tell. But there are times that God allows for us to be the main character in the story called pain. Just as we read about individuals in the Bible experiencing heartache and hardships, there are times when God allows us to experience heartache and hardships.

And it is when those times come that we may begin to ask the question “why me?” And as much as we may not want this to be the answer, what if God says “Why not you?” We declare that we are available to God. We declare that we want to be used by God. We declare that we want God’s light to shine through us. Many times God’s light shines the brightest when we are enduring hardships. His strength becomes evident to all those who witness you standing in the midst of the biggest storm of your life. His provision becomes evident to all those who witness God sustaining you when everything has been removed. His comfort and peace becomes evident to all those who witness you praising God in the midst of your loss.

Why me? I may never know why God allowed cancer to hit my family. I may never know why He allowed a 31 year old husband and father of two to die. But I do know that being used by God extends beyond just the platform. I know that making ourselves available to God goes beyond just holding a microphone speaking on the pulpit. I know that even in the bad that comes into our life, God can shine so brightly for the world to see.

God allowed Joseph to be thrown into a prison but the world saw him elevated to second in command.

God allowed David to spend years on the run but the world saw him placed on the throne.

God allowed Sarah, Elizabeth and Hannah to endure years of being unable to conceive, but the world was impacted by the birth of Isaac, John the Baptist and Samuel.

God called home Ruth’s husband, but through her second marriage there was the lineage of David and then Jesus.

God does allow pain to come into our life.

But in the midst of the pain rather than saying “why me?” We can declare our availability to God.

Because while we may be the main character in what seems to be the book called pain, it is really just a chapter of our life. In the end there is victory and there is triumph.