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Mommy, why didn't God heal daddy?

Monday night my six year old daughter came running to my bedroom with tears streaming down her eyes. She was crying so hard I could barely decipher the words coming out of her mouth. "Mommy, I miss daddy.... Life isn't the same without him.... Why did he have to die???? Why didn't God heal daddy????I wish God would let him come back."

Why can't the difficult questions my children ask be "Mommy, where do babies come from?" Why, at seven and six do they have to ask "Mommy, why didn't God heal daddy?"  Most six year olds are playing with toys, learning to read and watching their favorite television shows. For the most part, so is my daughter but then there are nights like Monday where the tears stream down her face for an hour. Or there are days where I find her in her bedroom, holding a picture of her dad to her chest silently crying and when she sees me asks, "Mommy, why didn't God heal daddy?" 

My children ask me question…

Mommy, do you want to get re-married?

My children ask me some tough questions and while I love that they feel comfortable asking me anything and am thankful that they aren't afraid to come to me with whatever thoughts and questions are on their mind, there are times when they ask me a question and I am lost trying to come up with an answer. Hannah often asks me when I am going to get re-married because she wants a dad. Malachi will usually reply that he is happy with us being a family of three. Those conversations I can handle. I can come up with some sort of reply to satisfy those questions and comments. But the other night my son asked me a question that I found pretty difficult to answer.

He asked,"Mommy, do you want to get re-married?" It shouldn't be so difficult of a question to answer. It is either yes, I want to get re-married or no I do not. However, it was difficult. It was complicated. It was confusing. I came up with an age-appropriate answer to the question but after my children fell asleep…

A Fatherless Father's Day.....

My children no longer have a living father, but we will still celebrate Father's Day. I will be the first to admit that Father's Day is the hardest holiday for me. I can do well on Christmas, Thanksgiving and even my husband's birthday and the day he died (Valentine's Day) but Father's Day... that's a tough holiday.

It's the day everyone is celebrating dad's and how do you celebrate Father's Day when the person you are celebrating is in heaven? It's a whole day reminding me that an amazing father is no longer living. Sunday sermons are dedicated to the role of fathers. Social media posts are full of people celebrating their dad. Restaurants are packed as families go out to eat. For those who have lost a father, or in my case my husband who was an amazing father, Father's Day is particularly difficult. While I could spend the day laying in bed avoiding the day, that is not a good message to send to my children.

My children lost their…