When you feel as though you will be single forever.....

To the person who feels as though you will be single forever,

You won't...

The end 😀

That's the short version of the blog. Now here's the long version....

I originally planned on re-sharing an article,  What every person should read before they get married I wrote last year. But as I read through the article, I began to think about those who have convinced themselves that they will never get married. Maybe you have a past. It can be that you feel as though you have blown out too many candles on your birthday cake and are past the age of marriage. You may have so many insecurities and think that no one would be attracted to you based on these. You have convinced yourself that your status and life title eliminates you from marriage. It can also be that you think your situation is too difficult.

I imagine you scrolling through social media  and comparing your life to the perfection presented on social media. You see the relationship posts others share. And while you like the posts and are genuinely happy for those sharing pictures and posts, at the same time, you don't think that will ever be you. You sincerely think you'll be single forever and that your social media posts and your life status in general will never include marriage.

In convincing yourself of that, you are limiting God.

God opened up the womb of Elizabeth who biologically couldn't have children, why do you think the number of candles on your birthday cake is an obstacle for God? Paul had a past, yet he wrote many of the books in the New Testament, so why do you think your past limits God and eliminates you from marriage? Moses had many insecurities but God chose Him, why are you disqualifying yourself from marriage based on your perceived insecurities? Ruth was a widow and Esther an orphan and those titles didn't stop God from using them, why do you think your life title eliminates you from marriage? Has God's power and ability changed since He parted the Red Sea, spoke life into existence, tore down the walls of Jericho and performed miracles while He walked the earth? Does He only now do great things through perfect people? Does He only get involved in certain areas of life but have a hands-off approach to marriage?

You may have thought you'd be married by now, but God's plans are higher than our own and just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't. You may have stepped outside of God's will for a season of your life, but God forgives all and your past, doesn't eliminate you from marriage.
You may have insecurities, but God didn't make a mistake in how He created you. You may have a title or life status that makes you think you are disqualified from marriage, but your title and life status is part of your testimony.

Don't disqualify yourself from marriage. Don't limit what God can do. If you desire to get married, continue to pray about it and continue to pray that God can open the doors. Continue to believe that there is someone who will love you for you. Your past, your insecurities, your status or life title aren't limitations. Stop feeling as though you will be single forever, because there is nothing too hard for God.