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An apology to single parents

Single parenting is hard!  There I said it. Now let me hide behind something to block the negative words that some may be getting ready to throw at me in the comment section of this blog. 

I feel as though I owe every single parent an apology because I never understood how hard it was until I became one.

I was once a part of a two-parent, two-adult home. Life was exhausting then. Parenting was hard. Juggling my responsibilities as a wife, mother and employee was often very difficult. But I had my spouse to help me. We worked together to equally balance the responsibilities that came with raising children. When I saw that the load my husband was carrying was becoming too heavy, I would take on more responsibilities to help him. And he would do the same when he saw the weight I was carrying was becoming too heavy. We worked hard to ensure that one person wasn't overburdened by the weight of life. And then he was diagnosed with cancer. And two years later he died.

And I …