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Lord, Help me with my unbelief...

When my husband was first diagnosed with cancer in December of 2014 we believed that not only could God heal him, but that God would heal him. There were many times within his two year battle with cancer, that we witnessed God perform what science said could not be done. And so with all of my heart, even when the situation became so bleak, I trusted, had faith and declared that my husband would be healed on earth. But he wasn’t healed on earth. God didn’t perform the miracle we so desperately wanted. God allowed a 31 year old to die. He allowed a thirty-something year old to become a widow. He allowed a five year old and six year old to become fatherless. And when God called my husband home to heaven, I started to lose something.
I didn’t lose my love for God. I didn’t lose my praise to God. I didn’t lose the worship I offered to God. I didn’t lose the gratitude I had towards everything God was doing in my life. I didn’t lose my belief that God could do anything. But I started to lose my …

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